Profit/Loss Calculation Tool

The calculator is configured with Antimatter option equation and allows you to estimate call and put token prices in various options. You can use it as the referral for the potential arbitrage opportunity.

1.Find the “Calculator” In “Tools” in the navigation bar at the top.

Here you can use the Calculator to calculate the Bull and Bear Token prices of an Option.

2.To help user decide whether to trade a specific Option, in other words, to calculate an Option’s profit/loss, enter the Price Floor, Price Ceiling, Bull Issuance, Bear Issuance and most importantly your anticipated Underlying Currency Price. Then at the bottom of the Option Calculator you will see how much your Bull or Bear token will each be worth at the specific conditions you have entered. We suggest that you open another browser window for this calculator page so you can to toggle back and forth and compare different Options.

It is important to note that when creating an Option or when using the Option Calculator:

  • Price cannot be empty or 0;

  • Price Ceiling and Price Floor cannot be empty or 0;

  • Price must be between the Price Floor and Price Ceiling;

  • Price Floor cannot be larger than Price Ceiling; and

  • Call Issuance and Put Issuance can be 0 but not empty.

When all input parameters are correct, the Price of Bull Token and Bear Token will be displayed in the buttom Output section. With the calculator you can calculate the Token price of the Option you want to trade in advance.

Statistics Tool

In the Tools you can also find the statistics,showing the platform's current total trading volume,total value locked,the number of asset types supported and available chains.

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