Governance Policies

Disclaimer: The Antimatter decentralized governance system replaces the centralized party administration system with community governance, allowing protocol participants to suggest, debate, and implement changes to the protocol without relying on, or requiring, the team in any way whatsoever.

Antimatter On-chain Governance Policies:

  1. All proposals are subject to a 3 to 7 days voting period. The period is set by the proposer.

  2. To make a proposal, proposers need to fill out the unchain governance form with details. All content will be recorded on blockchain and is publicly viewable.

  3. Proposal creation: To create a proposal, you need to stake 100,000 MATTER tokens into the proposal pool. The staking period is equal to the voting time period for your proposal. For example if you create a proposal with a voting period of 3 days, your staking will be 3 days and claimable after the close of voting.

  4. Proposal Creation Fee: There is a fixed proposal fee of 100 MATTER per proposal. The fee will be deducted from the 100,000 MATTER staked when unstaked.

  5. Vote for a proposal: Each proposal has two sides: Support vs.Against. To vote for either side, voters need to stake MATTER tokens into the supported pool. The staking period is required to meet the staking period of the proposal.Once staked, you cannot unstake or change sides during the voting period, it is however possible to add more tokens to the vote stake. If you stake multiple times, the staking period will be counted from your last staking.

  6. The proposal voting result will be valid if there is more than 2,000,000 MATTER tokens staked in the proposal.

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