Current Challenges and Antimatter’s Solution
Decentralized Perpetual Options platforms currently accessible on the market are more complex than their centralized peers. A DeFi platform where non-experienced users can execute their long and short strategies is non-existent, thus hindering the mass adoption and decentralization of derivative services. Meanwhile, the lag of price synchronization with oracles has been a long-lasting challenge faced by DEX derivatives, costing users plenty of opportunities while causing huge losses.
To tackle the current problems, the first product of Antimatter was designed as a Uniswap for options and derivatives with ease-of-use and improved user experience, as well as an innovative way that abandons the use of oracles to secure the system and maintain systematic independence. Instead, arbitrage activities act as “oracles” in Antimatter to make sure the price of call and put tokens follow the trend of market price movement.
The second piece is Antimatter Financial NFT. Many discussions in the NFT space have been revolving around fine arts and music, making us nearly look over the bigger, even more exciting use cases of this technology: financial NFTs. Antimatter turns NFTs into vehicles and containers of assets to store them with different locking and releasing mechanisms, as well as to facilitate various financial activities.
Last modified 8d ago
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