Defi Option Vault Subscription

Defi Option Vault User Guide

Defi Option Vaults (DOV) generate yield by running an automated options strategy. The recurring strategy reinvests the earnings earned back into the strategy, effectively increasing the saver's returns over time.

How to Deposit into a Vault

1. Visit

2. Select a vault you want to deposit assets into and click on Add.

3. Connect your wallet and make sure you are on the correct network

4. Input the amount you want to invest. The deposit currency depends on the underlying asset and options strategy

5. Click on Invest and confirm the transaction in your wallet.

6. After confirmation you can view your position under the "Position" tab

Your deposit will be locked in once a new cycle starts (Friday 8AM UTC). Before the cycle starts, you have the option to instantly withdraw your funds.

Please note that once locked in, the investment cannot be redeemed early. You have to initiate withdrawal before the next cycle starts.

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