Risk Control

The maximum return is achieved when the settlement price at the time of delivery is exactly the strike price. When the direction of market volatility is not yet clear, Dual Investment can guarantee profits regardless of how the market fluctuates within a certain range of price changes. However, when the market price deviates significantly from the strike price, the purchase of Dual Investment can also result in losses.

If the cryptocurrency price moves far beyond the investor's expectations, or the market moves unilaterally against expectations during the period of the investment, and exceeds the threshold, the greater the volatility, the greater the losses the investor may face.

Therefore, risk controls are highly recommended for users and the platform.

  1. When the difference between the strike price and the spot reference price is small (less than or equal to 1%), Antimatter will suspend new subscriptions (the status of the financial product will be changed to [Closed] and new products will be automatically incremented).

For example, in BTC’s Upward Exercise, the lowest strike price is $58000, while the current spot reference price is 57898. The price difference is less than 1%, so the dual investment with a strike price of 58000 is suspended and not shown in the list. At this point in the INVEST list, there are still INVESTs with strike prices of 59000 and 60000, and a new INVEST with strike price of 61000 is automatically incremented into the list.

2. Risk statement notification/risk assessment are published to ensure that the users are clear that this is a non-principal-protected financial product with high yield .

3. Real-time adjustment of APY is executed following market price fluctuations to control the platform's cost.

4. A limit of a single subscription is required.

5. The spot reference price is taken from the median of the reported prices of multiple master nodes of the Oracle machine Chainlink, to ensure the fairness of the price.

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