1. B2 has only one token, $MATTER, and no other ERC20 tokens are allowed to be issued.

2. Only $MATTER is for transferring assets between B2 chain and other chains, and users can easily transfer $MATTER to and from B2 chain through cross-chain bridges and exchanges.

3. B2 remains compatible with Solidity and basic EVM functionalities, so that it can support Antimatter’s financial applications. Only Antimatter’s DApps are available.

4. $MATTER tokens on B2 are used to pay gas fees, which are used to reward verifier nodes.

5. B2 gas fees are extremely low, nearly zero, to ensure that all products can be used conveniently and nearly for free.

6. $MATTER tokens on B2 can be staked by validators and delegators. Staking a certain number of $MATTER is a prerequisite for becoming a verifier node, and depending on the size of stake, $MATTER will be rewarded by the system.

7. $MATTER supports the underlying community DAO function and enables the voting and nomination of new applications and requests for new B2 nodes.

B2 chain is the first uniquely featured financial chain, a bold attempt to tilt the blockchain platform toward financial applications. This approach avoids the problem of difficult community construction of side chains and minimizes the risk for side chain and cross-chain bridge funds, while retaining the decentralized blockchain characteristics and the compatibility of Solidity, thus achieving the purpose of truly serving users and ensuring security of user assets.

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