How to Create an Index

This product allows people to trade indexes in NFT format with a variety of underlying assets combination. Anyone can create indexes in a permissionless way. To create your index, you simply need to define the type of underlying crypto-asset with the amount. Then you can release the index to the public. The creation of NFT does not require the deposit of assets. As the creator, you are setting up the framework.

Anyone can become a creator of Antimatter non-fungible NFT, this article will explain in detail how to create your own Spot Index NFT. You just have to follow these simple steps.

Connect your wallet, click โ€œCreateโ€œ in the upper right corner to start creating.

Select the financial NFT type you want to create. (Spot index is going to be the most common one)

Fill in the name and description of the details of the Index NFT created.

Fill in the parameters of the created Index (the type and number of assets it contains) This is the combination of assets type for your ETF.

You can click on the โ€œ+Add assetโ€ button below if you want to add more types of assets

Pick a color you like as the background color of the NFT card.

Finally, after confirming the information of the creator, NFT, and Index, the creation is completed.

Once created, you can see your Index NFT on the home page.


All creators of the index benefit from the secondary market trading of the NFT ETFs. There is a fee charged for the purchase of underlying NFT and half of the fee is shared with the creators of the ETF. There is no fee for selling/exiting the ETFs.

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