Token Economy of B2

• The native token of B2 is going to be wMatter and it will be pegged (1:1) by the Matter tokens from the other chains (e.g., Ethereum, BSC).

• Currently, BAS supports Celer bridge which will also be used by Antimatter Labs.

• Since B2 will have already a cross-chain bridge, wMatter token will be minted/burned through the bridge.

• wMatter will be used as a transaction fee.

• A small amount of wMatter (e.g., 1000 wMatter) will be minted in the genesis to be used during the system setup.

• Additionally, 10M reserved Matter tokens live on other chains will be bridged to B2 and the correspondingly 10M wMatter will be minted on B2 to be used for the system reward.

• Each block producer/validator will get transaction fees along with 0.1wMatter as a reward for each block.

• There will be neither inflation nor deflation in the token economy system.

• Since the time for producing a block is approximately 3 seconds, 28800 blocks can be produced per day. Hence, 10M wMatter, can be distributed to the validators for at least 9.5 years. After approximately 9.5 years, only transaction fees in the block would be distributed to the block producers.

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