Token Utility

The MATTER token serves as a tool to facilitate platform governance and boost platform utility. MATTER will be used for:

  • Arbitrage staking: The Antimatter system runs a public arbitrage bot for balancing the system. the profit from arbitrage of option product will be shared to staker.

  • Option creation and redemption: Antimatter will introduce two main types of options: perpetual put options and perpetual call options. The creation and redemption of pairs of tokenized options require a certain amount of fees in form of MATTER.

  • Transaction fees and funding fees: Holders of long put option tokens and long call option tokens will pay funding fees to holders of short put option tokens and short call option. The funding fee will be paid automatically through a token deflation mechanism. Part of the fees will be captured by MATTER tokens.

  • Governance: MATTER tokens will be used to propose and vote for new proposals. Governance will hold power over option mechanisms, token economics, token metrics, and more.

  • OptionSwap platform tokens: After building on-chain options, AntiMatter will build a swap platform for tokenized options — in simple terms Uniswap for tokenized options. The MATTER tokens will serve as the platform token for OptionSwap.

More utility will be added along the road. Token economics is a dynamic subject that evolves with the project development and product usage.