Bull & Bear Tokens

There are two ways to participate in AntiMatter’s decentralized perpetual options. You can either (1) participate in existing Options with Underlying Assets and Option [Price] Range determined by that specific Option’s creator; or (2) create your own Option, setting your own Option [Price] Range and choosing your preferred specific Underlying Assets, for others and/or yourself to participate in.

Trading in existing Options

1. Go to https://app.antimatter.finance

2. Read and confirm agreement.

3. Connect to a wallet and choose your network.

4. To start, select "Option Trading" in the navigation bar above. In this page, you can see all the existing Options that have been created by other users.

5. To find specific Options or narrow down your selection of Options in the Trade Option page, you can filter the Options you want to find, by selecting the underlying asset type and/or with a specific Option ID (if made available to you) at the top of the page. Then just click the “Search” button.

6. Pick an Option that you want to trade or find out more info of, and click on the “Trade” button at the bottom of that specific Option.

7. In this page, on the right side we can see the historical market price chart of this specific Option’s Bull Token and Bear Token, as well as the Current Price of the underlying assets.

Further, and perhaps most importantly, you can view all the information of this Option by clicking on the “Info” tab in the upper left of the page.

8. To help user decide whether to trade a specific Option, in other words, to calculate this Option’s profit/loss, you can go to the “Option Calculator” page in the navigation bar, enter the Price Floor, Price Ceiling, Bull Issuance, Bear Issuance and most importantly your anticipated Underlying Currency Price. Then at the bottom of the Option Calculator you will see how much your Bull or Bear token will each be worth at the specific conditions you have entered. We suggest that you open another browser window for this calculator page so you can to toggle back and forth and compare different Options. *For more details please see Profit/Loss Calculation Tool section below.*

9.Before you trade, you can click the Setting icon at the upper right to adjust the slippage tolerance before the transaction. Too little slippage might result in failed transaction whilst you also don’t want to subject yourself to too big of a slippage either because it will result in possible a huge price markup from your intended price of entry.

10. Select the action you want to perform: Buy/Sell Bull Token or Bear Token, fill in the amount of Token you want to Buy/Sell, and then select the Payment Currency you wish to pay in.

Here we take the example of buying 0.1 call token, the amount you will need to pay in the unit of the currency you have selected will be shown below. Please note that this is an approximated price taking into account the maximum slippage tolerance you have elected. The actual transaction price should be lower or much lower at times. When you are satisfied with your selection, click the “Trade” button.

11. Double check the transaction details. Then confirm the transaction in your wallet if the gas fee is acceptable to you and the transaction will be done.

Now you should see the Bull or Bear Token(s) you have bought which should be in your wallet.

12. Selling (taking profit/loss) of your Bull or Bear Token works very similarly. After buying the your Token, you will see the balance of your token holding in grey in the upper right (in this example you will see 0.1 at the top of the quantity bar). You can then choose to sell your Token in the same procedures as purchasing a Token as described above.

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