Antimatter Overview
Antimatter = Tokenized perpetual options + Financial NFTs
Antimatter is positioned to be the gateway for defi derivatives and financial NFTs, which includes two products, namely None-oracle Perpetual Options and Financial NFTs.

Product 1 - Antimatter Tokenized Perpetual Options

In its tokenized none-oracle perpetual options protocol, users can buy call and put options as an individual holder (buyer) or generate or redeem call and put options as one of the liquidity providers on (Currently on testnet). They can also trade on-chain options for trading profits or to hedge their positions.

Understand Tokenized Perpetual Options in 1 minute

What Antimatter creates is decentralized Bull and Bear Tokens, which are leverage embedded and non-expiry.
When the Underlying Asset price increases, the Bull Token price will increase more.
When the Underlying Asset price, the bear token price will decrease more.
It is simple as it is, leveraged tokens.
Bullish and want to have more price exposure? Buy Bull Token. Bearish and want to have some hedge? Buy Bear Token.

Product 2 - Antimatter Financial NFTs

In its second product--Financial NFTs, Antimatter turns NFTs into vehicles and containers of assets to store them with different locking and releasing mechanisms, as well as to facilitate various financial activities.
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