On-chain Configurations

Investment Targets / Underlying Assets

At the beginning of the product launch, Antimatter will list two mainstream assets as the underlying assets: BTC and ETH (more assets to be added to the list gradually).

1. Upward Exercise

Deposit Currency - BTC, ETH

Alternate Currencies - USDT

2. Downward Exercise

Deposit Currency - USDT

Alternate Currencies - BTC, ETH

Strike Price

  1. The strike price of each financial product is predetermined, while APY continues to fluctuate;

  2. How to determine the strike price:

  • Upward Exercise - Strike Price = Current Price * 105%, rounded to thousands (E.g. $51,000). The strike price would be $52,000, $53,000, and $54,000.

  • Downward Exercise - Strike Price = Current Price * 95%, rounded to thousands (E.g. $51,000). The strike price would be $50,000, $49,000, and $48,000.

Settlement Period

  1. Antimatter supports three periods, one day, one week or two weeks.

  2. When a one-week period ends, the remaining period is a one-week INVEST, at which point the contract automatically creates a new two-week INVEST (the exercise price rule is as described above).

Min. & Max. Limit of Single Investment

It is supported for users to configure the Min. and Max. deposit limit of single investment.

Total Allocation

Each investment product has a total allocation (e.g. 100 BTC) and new orders will be suspended when all allocation is sold out (the product status changes to [closed] and new products are automatically incremented).

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