Generation and Redemption

Antimatter token is a perpetual option. There are two token types: call token and put token, which correspond to call and put perpetual options. To understand how they work, we have a price interval that contains the current price of a specific cryptocurrency and in this model we anticipate that the price of the cryptocurrency will change within this interval. If we work with ETH and USDT and in case that the price varies within the interval, one can generate antimatter token(call and(or) put) by providing two types of underlying assets, such as ETH and USDT. Typically, one needs to provide more ETH to generate a call token and more USDT to generate a put token. The redemption of tokens is simply exercising corresponding options. In essence, all call and put tokens have underlying asset backed onchain.

Uniswap Smart Router: Thank to Uniswap's Smart Router, participants are able to use any tokens through uniswap to generate and redeem call and put tokens. When a user use token A to generate a call, router will allocation A into two underlying assets following the underlying asset ratio.

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