Weekly Sharkfin

What is Antimatter Sharkfin?

A principal-protected product, where users subscribe using the required currency and earn varying yields based on a specified price range of the underlying asset. The product runs on a weekly basis and redemption is only possible at maturity. Namely, sharkfin product has two parameters that change every week: Price range and APR range. They are adjusted to provide an attractive APR, but also low risk. In simpler words: you deposit a currency and earn yield on it, if the asset stays in a price range you get more %APR. If it doesn’t, you get less %APR.

Product Positioning

Sharkfin options are already an established structured product on various underlying assets. Antimatter is determined to bring traditional derivatives on-chain, while simultaneously innovating the space. Antimatter Sharkfin is the decentralized version of the traditional sharkfin product and will be starting out with $BTC and $ETH as first underlying assets. Users are provided with attractive APR rates, while keeping a low risk profile and keeping their principal protected.

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