How to Trade an Option

Option Trading

Search for an Option

You can find your desired option through three search parameters:

  • The target asset (If you want to trade Ethereum option, you can select Ethereum under asset type).

  • Option type: There are two option types and they are call and put options. If you are bullish you should aim for call option and vice versa.

  • Option price range: set your price floor and price ceiling.

Option Trading

Once you finalize your search, you will see the matched options in the option trading page. Each card represents an option type with their traits. Click "Trade" and you will be led to the dedicated page of the option.

You can buy or sell the option you select and the experience is same as if you swap on Uniswap. The option token price is displayed in the portal. We also display the price modelling prediction to show the price point of option token when the market price of underlying asset changes.