Primary and Secondary Market

The Antimatter system consists of primary and secondary market. The two level markets serve the need for different parities. Primary and secondary markets are dependent on each other.

Primary Market

The primary market is for parties to generate and burn options. And it is also for arbitragers to find arbitrage opportunities to balance the system. The primary market represents market creation and it is for professional groups such as market makers, traders etc. The normal users do not need to interact with primary market.

In the Antimatter portal, the Option exercise section is for primary market. Market makers can create their option product through generation and exit an option market through option redemption.

Secondary Market

The Antimatter secondary market is for users who want to have long or short positions in Antimatter options. The secondary market is link to Uniswap backend and the purchase and sell of option tokens are through Uniswap (We will build our own option swap in the future). Users can identify the call and put options and swap or provide liquidity within each option.

In the Antimatter portal, the option trading section is for secondary market. Users can trade and add liqudity to the option products.